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  • LHC is the Louisiana NAHRO Chapter
  • Recognizing the Accomplishments of Louisiana HA's
  • Professional Development Crucial to Successful Agency Management
  • LHC Maintains Key Federal and State Partners through Advocacy
  • Community and Real Estate Development Component in Housing Essential

Louisiana Housing Council

Hammond, Louisiana

Advocating for Affordable Housing

The Louisiana Housing Council (LHC) is a statewide organization of professional people who are involved in Housing and Community Development. Founded in 1962, LHC has been the largest and most effective organization of its kind in Louisiana. LHC is filled with dedicated individuals and agencies working together to improve housing programs. All Officers of LHC are elected to 2-year terms, with the Directors at Large being elected on staggering terms. Officers are: President, Senior Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President of: Housing, Section 8, Commissioners, Member Services, Professional Development, Community Development and Insurance. All standing committees are chaired by an elected Vice President except for the Insurance Committee whose chair is elected from among the members of that committee. The President appoints ad hoc committee chairmen.

One of the main goals of LHC is to provide training to its membership and thereby enhance the professionalism of the entire industry.

The Council's parent organization is the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) based in Washington, DC. Based on the current membership structure NAHRO dues are agency based which results in a stronger organization.

Filtering from NAHRO are eight regional councils made up of individual state chapters in a geographical area. LHC is a part of the Southwest Region, which includes seven states: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.