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The LHC Sample Procurement Policy (“Policy”) is intended to be used as a reference guide for Public Housing Authorities (PHA) staff in the State of Louisiana. Policies contained herein shall be followed in order to promote fair and equitable purchases, consistency, accountability, and efficiency within the procurement process. This Policy provides guidance to ensure Agency funds are expended in accordance with Federal laws, HUD regulations and state and local laws. 

Clarification of roles and responsibilities for each PHA, its staff, and Managing Departments is an important component of this Policy. Each PHA, its staff and Managing Departments shall define the properties and/or programs they manage, including any affiliates and/or subsidiaries.   The PHA’s Affiliates (if any), third party contractors, including its Development Partners and Property Management Companies (PMCOs) are not bound to these policies unless a purchase is made by  the PHA on behalf of a third party asset management contractor.  The policies included in this document are applicable to all PHA contractors, excluding Housing Choice Voucher Payments to contractors doing business with the PHA, as well as PHA employees.

This manual is a living document, subject to future revisions and additions. As new or revised sections are developed, updates will be issued (See Section 1.5 – Approval of Policies). 


The Louisiana Housing Councils (LHC) Board of Directors approved this Sample Procurement Policy for use by PHA’s in the state of Louisiana, and is intended to provide guidance in the creation of a procurement policy. This policy shall provide for; fair and equitable treatment of PHA staff involved in the procurement process; assurance that materials, goods, professional and construction services are procured efficiently, effectively and at the most favorable prices available to PHA; promotion of open competition in contracting; safeguards for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity; and assurance  that purchasing actions are in full compliance with applicable Federal laws, HUD regulations, and state and local laws.

Also, this Sample Procurement Policy is indented to assist in the establishment of internal controls that include separation of (staff) duties when purchasing and receiving goods and services for the PHA, which will allow ensure funds are expended in an appropriate manner.