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The Louisiana Housing Council hosts three Annual Meetings for financial member agencies. The members also participate in the Southwest and National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Organizations (NAHRO) conferences as the Louisiana Chapter. 


LHC Conference Dates scheduled in 2019:

LHC May Legislative Conference (Baton Rouge, LA.): May 21-24

LHC Fall Conference (Baton Rouge, LA.): September 16-20

LHC Winter Conference Planning Committee Meeting: TBD


Southwest NAHRO Chapter Conference Dates scheduled in 2019:

Southwest NAHRO 79th Annual Conference (Kansas City, MO.): June 10-13

Southwest Transitional Meetings (Baton Rouge, LA.): August 20-21


NAHRO Conference Dates scheduled in 2019:

NAHRO 2019 Washington Conference (Arlington, VA.): April 7-9

NAHRO Summer Conference (Boston, MA.): July 11-13

NAHRO National Conference (San Antonio, TX.): October 10-12