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LHC - Hurricane Laura - FEMA

Dear Membership: 

Hurricane Laura has changed the landscape of Louisiana. We have received notice to date of claims ranging from Lake Charles to Monroe.  It is estimated that 18-20 agencies are involved with 1500-2000 units damaged.  Adjusters are on the ground assessing damage.  In some cases, it is difficult to locate the executive director. If the directors could reach out to Ashley Broussard,, with their cell number and best email address that would be extremely helpful.   

I am very pleased to advise that the LHC Insurance Committee has hired a FEMA consultant to assist those members of the LHC Property program who have sustained property damages resulting from Hurricane Laura.  This will be a valuable resource for our members to leverage as they navigate the FEMA process for their housing agencies. We recognize this will be a first time and potentially overwhelming experience for many of our members.   The FEMA consultant will work hand in hand with the insurance adjusting team and Gallagher to assure the best possible outcome for your agency.  

The Gallagher team is actively involved in driving this process and are available for you 24/7:,  ph 318-518-0527,  ph 504-255-6910,  ph 225-978-8213,   ph 225-803-3291,  ph225-955-0794,   ph 337-794-0611 

Additional details regarding FEMA, adjusters, etc. will follow.  Please provide your current cell number and useable e-mail address to Ashley Broussard as outlined above.  Do not hesitate to reach out to the Insurance committee or personnel outlined above. 

Please stay safe, 

Bobby R. Collins, President 

Louisiana Housing Council, Inc. 

LHC Insurance Committee Chairman